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Inner Sunset borders

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The Inner Sunset is one of four “micro-neighborhoods” comprising the greater Sunset District in the western part of San Francisco. Although the Inner Sunset is an informally-identified neighborhood without official boundaries, its borders are often held to be the west side of Arguello Boulevard, the east side of 19th Avenue, the south side of Lincoln Way, and the north side of Moraga Street.

Estimated to contain around 19,000 residents, the neighborhood’s ethnic mix is approximately 53% white, 34% Asian, 7% Latino, 2% African American, with the remainder being small numbers of other ethnicities.

The Inner Sunset is known by many people for its village-esque feel, created by its walkability, dense commercial corridor centered at 9th Avenue & Irving Street, and growing sense of community. Although residents must brave chilly fog in the May-August period, the September-November months are generally warm, sunny, and appreciated!


The neighborhood is located close to several prominent San Francisco landmarks, including Golden Gate Park and its high profile institutions (such as the Academy of Sciences, Botanical Garden, and de Young Museum) to the north, UCSF Parnassus campus to the east, and the N Judah streetcar which runs along Irving Street, 9th Avenue, and Judah Street.


Like the rest of the Outside Lands (the old name for the western part of San Francisco), the Inner Sunset was sand dunes until 1887 when developer Aurelius E. Buckingham bought a plot of land around 5th Avenue and Lincoln Way and started to develop the area. UCSF medical center established itself uphill from the neighborhood in 1897. The neighborhood’s development was further spurred by the 1894 California Midwinter Exposition in nearby Golden Gate Park and by relocated refugees following the 1906 earthquake.

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