Take action on an issue

Do you want to take action on a particular issue? You might like to consider the below suggestions, tailored specifically for the Inner Sunset. Contact us if you have any feedback on this guide.

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Sections below

  1. Form a team
  2. Organize an event
  3. Collect a petition
  4. Outreach methods
  5. Get support from an organization, City agency, or service

1. Form a team

You will probably want at least one other person (probably more) to help you take action on an issue. It’s mentally and physically tiring to get active and second opinions can be valuable. Team member(s) may be a:

  • Friend or family member
  • Neighbor
  • Organization connected to your issue
  • Person who responded to your solicitation to join your team

If you don’t know anyone who wants to join your team, read the Outreach section below for ideas.


2. Organize an event

Organizing your own event allows you to engage with people interested in your issue.

What is your goal for the event? Ideas include to:

  • Educate the public
  • Collect support signatures
  • Attract media attention
  • Form an action plan and a team to implement the plan

Possible places to hold events

  • Somebody’s home
  • A public social place such as a bar, restaurant, or school
  • A hall such as at the SF County Fair Building or St John of God community hall
  • An outdoor space such as somewhere at Golden Gate Park (remember to get permits, if necessary)

How to promote an event

The Outreach section below contains suggestions for how to spread the word about your event.


3. Collect a petition

Petitions can be effective ways to demonstrate popular/influential support for an issue. The following may be helpful:

Whose signatures you should collect? Consider:

  • Location: Who lives/works closest to the area affected by the issue?
  • Demographic: What kind of people are most affected (eg. teachers, parents, etc.)?
  • Local influence: What people or organizations have the strongest influence locally (eg. district supervisor, UCSF, etc.)?
  • Quantity: Often, sheer number of people – anybody – indicating support will make an impact

See also the Outreach section below for how to reach people with your petition.

Petition-creation tools

To whom will you submit your petition?

Whose decision or influence is going to determine the outcome of your issue? It could be:

  • A local politician: Your district supervisor, the mayor, etc.
  • A City department: Which department is most relevant to your issue?
  • The media: Print, radio, online, etc.
  • Another person/organization: Possibly one more directly connected to your issue (eg. a local building owner)

4. Outreach methods

Taking action is largely about successfully reaching people.

Reasons for outreach include:

  • Finding a team member
  • Collecting support
  • Promoting an event
  • Influencing a person or organization

Outreach suggestions:

A. The real world

  • Going door to door to visit neighbors, businesses, etc.
  • Standing in a prominent location
  • Using the phone
  • Posting a notice (eg. on a noticeboard, shop or house window, a place connected to your issue, etc.)
  • Advertisement (eg. newspaper, billboard, bus shelter, etc.)

B. Online

  • A website belonging to you or an appropriate person/organization, either in blog, news, or events listing sections
  • An email newsletter: Use an existing organization’s newsletter or create your own (eg. Mailchimp)
  • Social networks: Inner Sunset group on Nextdoor, Inner Sunset Neighborhood Group on Facebook, Twitter
  • Email: Send an email to your network

5. Get support from an organization, City agency, or service

See our Links page for a list of many groups relevant to the Inner Sunset.