Neighborhood Projects

People across the Inner Sunset are coming together to make the neighborhood a better place. Because of their enthusiasm and dedication, all kinds of projects have come alive. It’s not up to government, institutions, or “experts” to lead the way – it’s up to us, and we all have a part to play.

The below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the local project/program highlights from recent years. Complete this form if you would like your project added to the below.

Many of the below projects were made possible with support from Inner Sunset Park Neighbors. In some instances, ISPN led the project (complete list of ISPN projects); in other cases ISPN’s role was none or limited (eg. offering general advice). Every project is different. Read about how ISPN can help with your project.

Ongoing Projects/programs


DART at drill Disaster Area Readiness Team (DART)

DART is a project to help our community plan for a disaster such as a major earthquake and to respond in the quickest, most efficient manner possible.

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MVC_9680bsm Inner Sunset Sundays

This event series, inspired by plazas and traditional gatherings worldwide, is designed to reclaim public space for community in the heart of the neighborhood. Featuring local music and performance, children’s activities, food, community-building, and more.

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3622875184_80079bc3e3_z Inner Sunset Farmers Market

A market that takes place every Sunday, 9am-1pm, in the parking lot on 9th Avenue between Irving Street and Judah Street. The Market features over 30 vendors bringing local and organic produce and much more.

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Dog walk_current-proposed 2 Lincoln Way Greenway Project

A volunteer lead initiative to create a more usable and safer Golden Gate Park boundary by improving the strip of neglected parkland running along Lincoln Way from 9th Avenue to Arguello Boulevard.

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Everybody Bikes The Public Bench Project

A project to install benches, designed and built by local neighbors, across the neighborhood.

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Completed Projects

Hidden Garden Steps Hidden Garden Steps

A project funded by the community and other partners to cover the 16th Avenue steps in a decorative mosaic.

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parklet The 9th Avenue parklet

Inspired by the need for more public gathering spaces, this parklet extends the sidewalk into the street to provide seating space for up to 18 people.

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