Get involved in the ‘hood

It’s up to us to make our neighborhood better. We all have a gift to offer, regardless of our abilities, income or spare time. Just remember: enjoying the process is as, if not more, important than the end result.

There are many ways to start making a difference in the Inner Sunset; here are some suggestions.

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DSC_2114 Get to know your neighbors

Knowing your neighbors can bring many benefits, such as feeling part of a community, working together to overcome challenges, and helping each other out on a daily basis.

Some easy ways to start meeting your neighbors including organizing a potluck or block barbecue, a block party, or just ringing the doorbell and saying hi!

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5608533245_f479065284_b Explore existing projects

There are already many active people and projects in the Inner Sunset – perhaps one of them will provide inspiration for one of your own ideas or maybe you’ll want to get involved in an existing project.

Explore the Neighborhood projects page to see what other residents have done.

de Young Find an organization/group that can help

There are many existing organizations/groups that may be able to help you out.

Visit our Links page for a list of Inner Sunset-related entities.

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Homepage image 7c Attend an event

A great way to start getting involved in the community is to come to an event. We recommend attending one or more of the following: