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Postal address: Inner Sunset Park Neighbors, 1032 Irving Street, #511, San Francisco, CA 94122

If you would like to contact Inner Sunset Flea, email:

Before you contact us

ISPN’s main role is to empower community members to meet, collaborate, and accomplish their goals. Before contacting us, try any of the following:

  1. Submission Guidelines about writing articles for our monthly e-newsletter and website’s News page
  2. Inner Sunset Links: A thorough list of local organizations and resources
  3. Our Events calendar: See if any upcoming events might be relevant to you
  4. The Nextdoor Forum: Share news, questions, or something else with the community
  5. Take Action on an Issue page: Explore this page for some ideas on achieving your goals
  6. Contact a specific ISPN board member: Contact the person whose interests and experience are most relevant to you